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The 11 exercises + the 24 postures + the hands

with Vlady and Michèle Stévanovitch

in one-time payment for access to videos for 2 years

In this formula you will have access to the 11 exercises, the work of the hands with Vlady Stévanovitch and the 24 postures with Vlady and Michèle Stévanovitch. 

This formula is available after a single payment of 15€. You will then have access to all the videos of this formula for a period of 2 years. 

You will find here a detailed work with Vlady Stévanovitch of each of the exercises of the series of 11 Chinese health exercises. As well as the practice of self-massages of the hands.
With Michèle, you will be able to follow a practice of the 24 postures filmed from dif