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The 24 poses

with Vlady and Michèle Stévanovitch

one-time payment for 2 years access to videos

In this formula you will have access to a presentation of Taï Ji Quan of the Inner Way by Vlady Stévanovitch, a practice of the 24 postures with Michèle Stévanovitch as well as an excerpt from the practice of the 24 postures with Vlady and Michèle Stévanovitch.

These two practices are filmed from different angles and do not include an explanation of movements. 

This formula is available after a single payment of €6. You will then have access to all the videos of this formula for a period of 2 years. 

This content is a reference tool that is aimed at beginners as well as experienced practitioners, without theory or flashy. Here, any martial intention is abandoned in favor of work on vital energy for well-being and health.


Vlady Stévanovitch was born in 1925. He was introduced to energy techniques from his adolescence and it was at the age of 60 that he decided to put an end to what he had imposed on himself until then and to disseminate his work widely.

He is the author of numerous works in which he teaches the techniques he uses, exposes his philosophy and calls for combat to save life.

Original video: School of the Way inside Quebec, filmed in 1996 in France, Alpes de Haute Provence. 

Audio: French and English

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English version

DVD 127- deuxième section
DVD 127- Première section
DVD 127- Troisième section
DVD 127- EN

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This formula gives access to the following videos:

_The 24 postures with Vlady and Michèle S.


L'accès à ces vidéos reste ouvert pendant une période de 2ans.


Les vidéos ne sont pas téléchargeables et devront donc être visionnées en ligne.

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DVD 127- Première section
DVD 127- deuxième section
DVD 127- Troisième section