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The Stevanovitch Method

The Stevanovitch Method, by Michèle Stévanovitch.


This book is primarily intended for teachers of the Art du Chi and students. But it will no doubt be useful for anyone interested in the energy arts. Indeed, it can both be used to learn about the specificities of our work but it will also be, all along the way, a tool full of clues allowing us to rediscover the various basic elements, to perceive the progression and the logic of the method.


The encounter with the Art du Chi often takes place during weekly lessons (300 teachers in around ten countries). The discovery of the reality of Chi and its perception is undoubtedly the main reason for the initial enthusiasm of the students. But then they are confronted with the multitude of techniques taught and no doubt the difficulty of seeing what connects them, the why and the how of the method.

This book is an attempt to light the way, to allow a global vision in order to engage in the unknown with the enthusiasm and curiosity of the explorer.


Vlady Stévanovitch created the School of the Inner Way in 1988. Today 4 centers train teachers and many are those who pursue the faithful dissemination of an art that is still alive.


Number of pages: 100

The Stevanovitch Method

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