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The Way of Tai Ji Quan

2021 reissue.

The Art of Chi, Volume 1.

This book on Tai Ji Quan is amazing, because it is written by a Master of Chi who tells us about what underlies this discipline and who also shows us what makes it an art. But, don't get confused. Behind what might seem sacrilegious words, you will recognize the wisdom of a true traditional teaching and the humility of a great Master. In fact, this book is a tribute to life. The real one, the only one.

A testimony that urgently needs to be listened to. As Michèle Stévanovitch affirms in the introduction: "Relearn to listen to life in oneself. Find the evidence of relationships between living beings. Accept that the essential is simple. The joy of living is worked with muscles, breathing, movement centered and carried by Chi. "

Vlady Stévanovitch, who died in 2005, created the "Stévanovitch Method" particularly suited to Westerners. The Art of Chi that is taught there involves specific body techniques on the ground and in movement.

On the ground, traditional energy work is sometimes supported by "sounds carrying Chi", sounds that result from his discoveries about Chi and its reproduction.

In motion, three forms of Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong.

Vlady Stévanovich has published many other books available at the School of the Inner Way. He is also the author of another reference work, "La Voie de l'énergie", published by Stévanovitch.

The Way of Tai Ji Quan

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